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VIP Subscription
  • Upon signing up as a VIP subscriber, you are claiming one of twenty spots in a limited subscription. The subscription begins July 1 and ends Dec. 1.


    Twenty VIP subscibers will recieve a premium custom-designed floral arrangement, wall decor item or other limited item. The item will be a custom piece specifically created for VIP and will not be avaliable for others to purchase.


    As a VIP subscriber, you will have access to the limited item with options for delivery, gift wrapping, and shipping provided at no additional cost. 


    The subscription cost is $55, plus taxes and processing fees, totaling $61.33.

    A monthly invoice of $61.33 will be charged on the first each month, with delivery on the third of each month. 

    VIP Subscription

    PriceFrom $20.00
    • As a subscriber, you are committing to a $55 plus taxes and fees withdrawal on the first of each month. The monthly item may not be changed or altered from the orginial design before delivery.  Should you not like the item for the month, you can gift it independently or Heavenly Sola Designs can gift it for you via delivery or shipping. 

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